30 July 2013

Badger Cuticle Care

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I have mentioned this in few posts, but never really talked about in depth. I bought this from FeelUnique for £3.99. I had always had my eye on the cuticle treatments from Burt's Bees, but had always been out of my price range. When I saw this it went straight into my basket. It came it pretty quick time. 

I suppose you could say that the packaging is a little "unusual". I use this almost every night (when I remember and can be bothered!) In the pictures it actually doesn't show you that it is a hard balm, because I was out taking the pictures in 30°c heat and by the time I got to photographing this is a had melted slightly! 

Anyway, to apply you have to swirl your finger around the tin for a little while to warm it up. When you think you have enough apply to cuticles. It does take few minutes to sink in, but as I read before bed it is the best time to do it. So when I am ready to go to bed, it has all sunk it. 

I can tell that my cuticles look and feel about nourished and better looking in general. 

Have you tried this? What nail care do you use?
This is a scheduled post, as I'm away on holiday and won't be back until 3rd August.


  1. This looks really good, I've been really into doing my nails recently!
    Laura- Demand Beauty <3


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