6 July 2013

How to make A Heart Tea Light Holder

What you need to do first is fill your tin can 90% full of water. Put it in the Freezer overnight. This will make it easier, to knock the nail in. 

Get it out of the Freezer the next morning. Lay all your equipment out. Place your tin can on a old rag or towel. Then draw out half a heart shape. Make sure it is slightly smaller than the length of your tin (it also depends how big you want your heart to be). Then fold it in half vertically. Cut around the bit you just drawn out. And un-fold. You should now have a heart shape. If you would not like to do a heart shape then you can do anything you want but remember to pick a simple shape as it will be easier to do! 

It is probably best to wipe the outside of your tin first as it can be slightly "frosty". Next lay your heart shape template onto your tin. Go along with your marker pen and make dots at 1cm intervals, all around the template. Like in the image shown above. 

Now for the fun bit (Well I think it is fun anyway). Place your nail over the one of the dots It is best if you start at the top and work your way down. Just give the nail a couple of taps with the hammer, until it goes into the can. It is best to work quickly. Especially if you are doing it on a warm day!

 photo P1120077_zpsdcdacf2c.jpg photo P1120078_zps2b675c8d.jpg

So there you have it. Almost done! I have just folded back some of the shards of metals which got made when you hammered in the nail. I think it avoids scratching your hand, when putting in the tea-light. Just let the ice thor through.

 photo P1120114_zps6e5571d8.jpg photo P1120119_zpsfaef9a9b.jpg
 photo P1120120_zps95c989dc.jpg
 photo P1120121_zps115b81a2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this How-to, as much I as I enjoyed making it.
If you do try this please tweet me a picture, I would love to see how you get on! My twitter is @EmilysBlog

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