17 July 2013

My Fourth Graze Box

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Cheddar Gorge
These were a lovely mix of cheesy cashews, salsa corn sticks and herb crackers. I have to say the ones that I least liked was the herb crackers. I loved the corn sticks as they were quite flavorsome and had some real nice crunch to them. 

Brooklyn Bites
Mm these were good, I have to say I especially liked the cheesy cashews and the pretzels!

Bonnie wee Oatbakes
I really like the oatbakes they reminded me of the taste of Ryvita cheese and onion bites, which I do like. The onion marmalade was also very nice too. 

El Picante
These were really nice. They had some heat to them, which is always nice but it wasn't too spicy! I really liked the jumbo corn nuts and the paprika baguettes. 

Also if you use the code Y7GWJKN you can get your first graze box free. 
Have you ever tried Graze, what are your favorites? 


  1. Hi Emily, you have a beautiful blog. I am your new follower with gfc, bloglovin and twitter. If you like please follow me back!!! Kisses from Italy

    1. Hi Mihaela, aw thank you! That is very nice of you, of course I will have a little look at you blog :) xx

  2. i love seeing people's graze boxes as i am still on the fence about them. the el picante looks sooo yummy xxxx

    1. Yeah, me too!I do see your point, but you do get a lot of free boxes and money off vouchers. It was yummy ;) xxxx

  3. great Post! I'd love to try the Graze Box but unfortunately I have a nut allergy, and they don't accept anybody who has as they pack their foods in a nut environment, so jealous! the Bonnie Wee Oatbakes look really tasty.

    Livvy xxx

    1. Thank you Livvy! Oh darn it that is so annoying! Maybe there is a nut allergy group, something similar to graze out there? Yes, it was very scrummy ;-) xxx


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